C6090A / C3131A

C6090A / C3131A

6-Day Forecast WI-FI weather station with 7-in-1 professional sensor

6-Day Forecast WI-FI weather station(C6090A)

  • Today + 5 days weather forecast with colourful display for time & full weather information
  • WI-FI connection to publish local weather station data on ProWeatherLive weather platform
  • Able to show local current and 5 days weather forecast, with high, low temperature and Probability of precipitation information from PWL
  • Able to show local visibility and cloud cover information from PWL
  • Receive weather data from 7-in-1 weather sensor (C3131A) via 868/ 915/ 917 MHz RF transmission
  • Display time, calendar, weekday and Moon phase
  • Sunrise / sunset & moonrise / moonset time
  • Able to synchronize Internet local time & date that according to device location in PWL
  • Buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function
  • Able to set the moon phase display for Northern / Southern hemisphere
  • Indoor temperature (°C/°F) & humidity readings with comfort indication
  • Outdoor temperature (°C/°F), feels like, heat index, wind chill, dew point & humidity readings (C3131A)
  • Gust or Average wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots), Beaufort & wind level
  • Real time & dominant wind direction in 360°& 16-direction resolution
  • UV index (0 –16)
  • SUNBURN time (minutes) & light intensity reading (Klux, Kfc, W/m2)
  • Measure Rain rate, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Total rainfall (in/ mm)
  • Barometric pressure in relative or absolute readings (hPa, inHg, mmHg)
  • Max / Min memory records since last reset and on daily basic
  • Weather alerts via PWL server
  • Auto-dim function of backlight
  • Weather data calibration (via the setup user interface)
  • 7 languages for weekday (EN/ DE/ FR/ ES/ IT/ NL/ RU)
  • Support firmware update
  • 1pc wireless 7-in-1 professional weather sensor (C3131A)

or optional 7-in-1 full solar powered weather sensor (C3146A)

  • Support extra wireless sensors (Optional):-

(1) Support up to 7 pcs wireless sensors (T/H C3130A /C3133A / Soil C3127A / Pool C3107B) (not included)

(2) Support up to 7 pcs wireless sensors (Water Leakage C3128A) (not included)

(3) Support up to 4 pcs PM2.5/10 sensor (C3123A) (not included)

(4) Support 1 pcs lightning sensor (C3129A) (not included)

  • Product size: 215 x 176.5 x 27mm (W x H x D)
  • Adaptor included
  • Back-up battery 1 x CR2032 (included)


7-in-1 weather sensor with solar panel (C3131A)

  • Weather sensor include: Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain gauge, UV & light intensity
  • Solar power to extend the battery life
  • Long-range transmission with console up to 150m (450 ft.)
  • Weather-resistant shelter
  • Mounting kit (Optional)
  • Product size: 390 x 217 x 162mm (W x H x D)
  • 3 x AA batteries  (not included)