C6067 / C3105

Wi-fi weather link (C6067A)
– Stylish design with beautiful surface finishing by combining glossy and matt texture
– Receive weather data from 6-in-1 weather sensor (C3105A) & wireless thermo-hygro sensor (C3110B) via 868/ 915/ 917 MHz RF transmission
– Wi-fi enabled device to connect your home router wirelessly
– Easy configurated through browser by wi-fi
– Publish and monitor local weather live data on web browser or mobile APP via Weather Underground
– Support historical table/graphics for weather details on Weather Underground
– 2 LED-blue indicators for connection status of all-in-one sensor (C3105A) and thermo-hygro sensor (C3110B)
– Elegant light indicator of wi-fi pairing, connection, firmware update
– Support firmware update
– Built in barometric pressure sensor
– Support to 6-in-1 weather sensor (C3105A) (included)
– Support a thermo-hygro wireless sensors (C3110B) (Optional)
– Power: DC 5V 1A adaptor (Included)
– Product size: 79 x 157 x 41mm (W x H x D)
Wireless 6-in-1 outdoor weather sensor (C3105A)
– Weather sensor include: Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain gauge, UV
– Up to 360° and 16-direction wind direction measurement
– Solar power to extend the battery life
– Long-range transmission with C6067A up to 150m (450 ft.)
– Weather-resistant shelter

3 x AA (Optional)
Product size
392.5 x 326x x 144.5 ( W x H x D)

Wireless thermo-hygro sensor (C3110B)-Optional
– High precision thermo-hygro sensor
– Long-range transmission with C6067A up to 150m (450 ft.)

2 x AA (Optional)
Product size
61 x 113 x 39.5mm (W x H x D)